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Opportunity Description Training Time Commitment
Propagation Propagate perennials in the garden via cuttings and seed gathering.  Document propagation species, timing and protocol. Introductory workshop and ongoing as new plants need propagating June-August.  1-3 hours per week
Horticulture Assist in planting and maintaining the outdoor gardens including tasks such as transplanting, watering, weeding, pruning, collecting and cleaning seeds. Introductory workshop Flexible hours mid May through mid September
Greenhouse Work in the horticulture greenhouse maintaining a large collection of ornamental flowering and foliage plants, propagating plants, assisting in greenhouse research, fertilizing and organic pest control. Opportunities are limited in 2012. Our greenhouse space is only half useable (the bottom level has no ventilation and other environmental controls). Introductory workshop and ongoing as needed 3.5 hours one day each week March -May
Fundraising We are not too bashful to ask for assistance when we need it. Due to recent budget cuts, we need people who are are willing to help organize events, think up creative ways to get donations, talk to people about donating, write grants... and then get it done! Introductory workshop, lots of hands on learning Variable hours year round
Library Assist in re-organizing and maintaining a collection of books and publications relating to horticulture.  Update database library materials.  Individual training as necessary Variable
Education Assist with leading school groups on educational programs in the garden. Introductory workshop and Educational programs workshop On an as-needed basis for scheduled school groups.  Usually a 2 hour commitment on scheduled days.
University Credit for Work Experience Earn college credit for work experience in certain programs of the botanical garden by completing an independent study program called Horticulture Practicum. Lots of one-on-one training with faculty and staff Credits vary with time commitment but generally involve 60 hours total for each credit.  Inquire for details.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks Georgeson Botanical Garden  PO Box 757200, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775  (907)474-7222