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Dead End Poet Society Poems

1st place 2007

Choices, Choices Everywhere


Sarah Hawks, 6th grade Ticasuk Brown Elementary

Choices, Choices Everywhere
by Sarah Hawks
We make choices day by day.
What to do? Which path leads the way?
To do what’s easy or do what’s right.
What to do when your position gets tight?
What to wear, how to play,
When to tell or not to say.
To be a friend or be a foe,
It’s hard to know which way to go.
Some choices, thank God, are out of our hands.
Weather, fate, or others plans.
The color of your eyes, your family tree,
What you are, who you’ll be
Choices, choices, everywhere.
It’s okay, don’t despair.
Life is full of second chances,
And to the same celestial tune, everyone dances.


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