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Babula Children's Garden

Babula Children's Garden Goal:

The GBG's Children's Garden strives to provide youth a learning environment rich in math and science, and educators a fertile teaching ground. It's purpose is to let visitors experience and feel the garden, to enjoy the emotions of gardening and the tranquility of nature. The garden will have specialized mini-gardens tailored specifically for youth and designed to teach them specific skills.

Babula Children's Garden Map

Check the map for hot spots, click on them to see pictures of that area of the Babula Children's Garden. Some parts are still under construction, many projects are being done by Eagle Scouts and University of Alaska Fairbanks student interns.

The GBG Children's Pond Garden

The GBG Children's Pond Garden was funded through a grant from the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation Direct Grants to Teachers program and the GBG. We built it with volunteer labor from 4-H, GBG, and friends of the GBG.

pond sketch picnic on the deck at the pond


Gardening with Youth Resources

Gateway | Pond Garden | Willow Tunnel | Interactive Stream | Pioneer Garden | Hedge Maze
Round-A-Bout | Tree House | Hillside Picnic Area | Weather Garden

Babula Children's garden pioneer cabin Babula children's garden willow tunnel Babla children's garden gateway