Babula Children's Garden

Hedge Maze

The hedge maze has five petals and is shaped like the Athabascan rose that is traditionally beaded as decoration on their handicrafts. Each petal of the maze will be an independent maze in itself with a center in the middle of the petal. However, to get to the middle of the flower you must go through all petals. One petal has been completed each year by Eagle Scouts. In 2005 Connor Sherman, 2006 Parker Gallagher, and 2007 Rick Dennie. We will finish the maze in 2008 with Ethan Gridley and Asa Pendergast.

The Dead Ends Poet Society TM has been established to create poems written by local students for the maze. Each year a contest is held and the best poems are mounted and placed at dead ends in the garden. Each year the winning poems will be available on the Dead End Poet's Society webpage.


Above photo courtesy of UAF Marketing and Publications

maze from the air


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