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The Ohlsen Family Food Garden

The Ohlsen Family Food Garden hosts experiments related to vegetable gardening. Until the severe budget cuts of 2010, we conducted cultivar (variety) trials on a diversity of crops, using long time standards to compare with new releases, both open pollinated and hybrid cultivars. We also maintain seed of cultivars bred at the Agricultural Experiment Station to share with breeders worldwide.

We test new products such as mulches, row coverings and new tools, and explore methods of cultivation, both organic and non-organic that might interest Alaska growers and gardeners.

Check the links on this page to find results of our research and access to downloadable research results.

Seed Starting
Recommended list of Vegetables for Interior Alaska
Seed Sources
Cultivar (variety) trials
Vegetable Research Summaries
The University of Alaska Fairbanks Georgeson Botanical Garden, PO Box 757200, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775 (907) 474-7222,