Native Plant Propagation

Holloway, P. 2014. Germinating seeds of Alaska's Nootka Lupine. Georgeson Botanical Notes No. 56. (originally published in 1993)

This paper explores different methods of seed scarification to promote germination of hard-seeded Nootka lupine.


Seeds of pale poppy by Dick Baldwin. 1992. Georgeson Botanical Garden Review. 1(spring):2.

A short note on some trials and tribulations of field cultivation of pale poppu, Papaver alboroseum.

Poppy PDF

Growing Alaska native pasqueflowers by Patricia Holloway. 1992. Georgeson Botanical Garden Review. 1(spring):2-3.

Methods of germinating seeds of Pulsatilla patens, pasqueflower, and gardening tips.

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How to Grow Alaska Wild Iris from Seeds by Patricia Holloway. 1987. Borealis. April. Alaska Native Plant Society. p. 4.

A short "how to" for anyone interested in germinating Alaska wild iris seeds.

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Seed germination of Alaska iris, Iris setosa ssp. interior. 1987 by Patricia S. Holloway. HortScience. 22(5):898-899.

Seeds of Alaska iris germinate within 7 days with cold stratified seeds (125 days) that are subsequently soaked in 1000 mg per liter Gibberellic acid and exposed to complete darkness for 5-7 days. Germination in light does not happen. This is a journal article. For a shorter "how to" see article above.

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Propagation of Alaska Native Plants. 1985 by Patricia S. Holloway. Proceedings of the 4th Alaska Greenhouse Conference. Fairbanks, Alaska pp. 52-63. .

List of propagation techniques for Alaska's native woody plants. It is a compilation from the literature and research at the GBG and the Alaska Plant Materials Center.

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Propagation of Woody Plants by Cuttings. 1985 by Patricia S. Holloway.

A short summary of cutting peopagation methods with emphasis on Alaska native plants.

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Rooting of lingonberry, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, stem cuttings by Patricia S. Holloway. 1985. Plant Propagator. International Plant Propagator's Society. 31(4)7-9.

Studies were conducted on the effects of propagation medium, IBA treatment, seasonal timing of cutting collection and cutting age on rooting of lingonberry stem cuttings collected from native stands near Fairbanks, Alaska. Cuttings rooted best in milled peat under mist. Rooting percentages were not improgved by by treatment of cuttings with 0.3% IBA. Best rooting was from one-year-old or current season's wood collected in September. Following two growth cycles all cuttings failed to produce rhizomes.

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Summary of germination tests with Alaska native plants. 1987 by Patricia S. Holloway. Borealis. Alaska Native Plant Society. February. 3-4.

Results of seed germination tests following 2 weeks cold dry storange and treated with constant and alternating temperatures, cold stratification and/or scarification. Species included Silene acaulis, Papaver Hultenii, Saussurea angustifolia, Lupinus sp., Anemone parviflora, Veronical grandiflora, Lesquerella arctica, Armeria maritima.

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