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braunii ostrich aleuticum
Photos: l-r: Braun's holly fern, Polystichum braunii, Ostrich fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris, Aleutian shield-fern, Polystichum aleuticum

Research with ferns began in 1990 with studies on the reproductive biology of Alaska's only endangered plant species, the Aleutian shield-fern. We contributed to the recovery plan of this species by developing a protocol for tissue culture propagation should the natural populations decline. We also have conducted hardiness trials for native and introduced garden ferns in conjunction with the Hardy Fern Foundation and have developed a list of recommended ferns for home and commercial landscapes.

Endangered Aleutian Shield-fern, Polystichum aleuticum

Fern Gardening, Propagation Hardiness Trials- Hardy Fern Foundation
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