About the UAF Georgeson Botanical Garden

The Georgeson Botanical Garden (GBG) is a nationally recognized botanical garden and a member of a network of educational and research institutions dedicated to plant culture and conservation.

giant cabbage

Our Vision:

to research and demonstrate responsible horticultural science in Alaska which includes plants grown intensively in gardens, market gardens and greenhouses, and plants used to conserve and manage Alaska's diverse landscapes.


Our Goal:

to be the center for horticultural knowledge in subarctic Alaska and provide information to everyone in the circumboreal North interested in growing plants, sustainably managing lands for garden culture, producing plants commercially or for home use, exploring new crops and new markets, preserving traditional plant knowledge, expanding uses of native plants, conserving and rehabilitating plants on wild lands, and promoting good stewardship of horticultural resources.


There is much to do, learn, and see at the garden. You can:

  1. discover the diversity of native and introduced plants growing under the Midnight Sun.
  2. observe Alaska’s world famous giant cabbages.
  3. learn cultivation techniques for some of the world’s hardiest plants.
  4. volunteer to pull a few giant dandelions!
  5. observe wildlife, birds, plants and insects that live in Alaska’s great interior.
  6. check out Alaska's newest agricultural industry - fresh cut peonies, an export market that started right here at the GBG and now is a statewide industry.

Georgeson Botanical Garden - P.O. Box 757200 - University of Alaska Fairbanks - Fairbanks, AK 99775 - (907) 474-7222, gbgardensuaf@gmail.com