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The 2013 growing season was certainly one of the oddest weather events we have seen at the GBG in the past 30 years. Our plant sale on May 16 was held in the midst of a nasty snow/rain storm with bitterly cold weather and lots of wind. The very next week, temperatures shot straight up into the 80s, and the heat lingered nearly all summer. We gardeners baked in the sweltering summer heat! Rainfall was scarce, so irrigation was critical to any farming success. Most notably, hay growers experienced yields that were half or more what they usually are both in the Fairbanks and Delta areas.

The radical change in temperatures in spring meant that the usual up and down freeze and thaw that usually lasts through May, did not happen. All plants were delayed several weeks, but when the heat came, they blasted out of their winter dormancy. Most native plants did not show any delay in maturity because of the odd spring. Berries, both cultivated and wild were absolutely prolific probably because of no spring frost damage and abundant pollinators.

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