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Wish List (in-kind donations)

The garden never has enough rakes and carts to keep up with our long list of projects. If you have any new or used items in good shape that you would like to donate to the botanical garden, please give us a call, (907)474-7222 or fill out our in-kind contribution form, and we will gladly put them to good use. For tax purposes, we will provide an itemized receipt and letter of acknowledgement, if requested.

We can also use people with skills to lend a hand in different projects – construction, surveying, truck hauling, electrical, landscaping, computer. If you have a few hours, check the chart below to see our immediate needs. Don't hesitate to call us if you have a skill and it is not listed – we can always use strong, capable hands and minds!

Item Purpose Estimated cost new
Bicycle, electric with carrying cart We would love to be able to get from one end of the garden to the other quickly but without using gas and without running over people with our huge truck. Thank you so much Ted & Mary Ann Fathauer for donating an electric bike!
Brush mower We need something that can be used on slopes and rough grades to keep the brush from taking over the garden beds. $3000
Garden Way-type or similar carts Our carts take a beating each summer, and some have a significant wobble and broken sides. $150
Gator (4-wheel electric utility vehicle with dump bed) We have one John Deere gator and could use another. They are so handy for getting in and around the garden withough running down our guests. $10,000
Golf carts Got a used electric golf cart taking up room in your garage? Some of our visitors who have a hard time getting from one end of the garden to another would love to ride there in a golf cart. Thank you so much to our anonymous donor!
Hand tools We can always use new or used hand tools - rakes, shovels, pruning shears, loppers, dandelion diggers and other gardening tools in good shape. $0 - $50
Landscape materials We have lots of projects that require lawn edging, pavers, rocks and retaining wall materials. Please call us if you have any left overs or can donate new materials $50 +
Lawn de-thatcher Our lawns keep expanding and we need some good equipment to keep them looking good. $1200
Lawn plug cutter An indispensible piece of equipment for keeping our lawns in shape. $2500
Lumber We can always use treated landscape timbers, new or almost new railroad ties. Call us first to make sure we can use what you have. $50 +
Pick up truck 2 wheel drive, pick up truck that can be fitted with a tommy lift. We're not proud - we will drive anything that runs! $30,000?
Recycled or new plastic pots, flats We can used lots of cleaned plastic pots, 4-inch width and larger. At this time we cannot use cell packs (six packs). We also use a lot of black plastic flats with holes. Bring your cleaned recyclables to the garden any time. Put next to our garage door. $5+
Recycled or new ceramic, clay pots We can use ceramic and clay pots with drainage holes at least 6 inches in diameter for greenhouse plants, dish gardens, etc. Please call us before you bring things to the garden to see if we have an immediate need. $5+
Stapler, electric We need a large format electric stapler, one that can be used for publishing brochures. $600
Tree spade attachment for Bobcat We don't have a Bobcat, but we'd like to get the tree spade attachment, then rent the Bobcat whenever we have to move trees and shrubs. Right now it is a lot of hand labor. We have a huge Vermeer tree spade, but it is too big to fit into many of our aisles. $10,000
Van that works We are using a van that is older then Methuselah and not at all reliable. We need a van with a good heater to transport plants to and from greenhouses and gardens in all kinds of weather. $30,000+
Computer We could use some expertise in mapping and GIS to create an accurate map of the GBG  
Computer We could occasionally use assistance with Dreamweaver and making sure our website is the best it can be.  
The Georgeson Botanical Garden - P.O. Box 757200 - Fairbanks, AK 99775 -
(907)474-7222 - gbgardensuaf@gmail.com