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We can't say it enough...

Thank you to all donors who bought a brick in our Brick patio campaign. The patio looks great, and the names are adding up!

Alesia Kruckenberg, Ann Dolney, Anna Plager, Barbara Schuhmann, Brian Kassof, Brian, Rogers, Charles & Cynthia Steiner, Dale Durrwachter, Don & Carolyn Gray, Elena Bartzat, Fran Chauvin, Fred & Bonnie Johnson, Gael Murakami, Gail & Larry Mayo, Grant Matheke, Great Northwest, Inc., Maggie Griscavage, Irene & Leonard Payton, Jan Hanscom, Jen Allison-Keim, Jo Schlotfeldt, Joan Robson, John McComas, Josie Wooding, Judy Weber, Kathleen Buchholz, Katie DiCristina, Kay & Perry Barboza, Kelly Drew, Lizanne Hanson, Lynne Standley Coe, Mark Hodge, Marv & Becky Hassebroek, MaryAnn Fathauer, Mary Farrell, Mary Kreta, Mary Mitchell, Melody Springer, P.S. Marshall & Janet E. Lokken, Patricia Holloway, Phyllis Pendergrast, Rich Collins, Richard Skelly, Roger & Sylvia Burns, Roxy Marcy, Ruth Jolly Knapman, Scott Stihler, Sharon Gherman, Sherry Lewis, Skip Walker, Susan Crevensten, Susan McHenry, Suzanne Summerville, Syun & Emiko Akasofu, and Tami Seekins

Thank you Rasmuson Foundation and Jeff Cook for your generous donation of to the Rasmuson Summer Student Internship Program.

Thank you Lois and Marshall Lind for your generous donation in honor of Grant Matheke.

'Thank you Risse Greenhouses for your recent donation of surplus seeds.

Thank you Willow Garden Club and especially Les Brake for adopting us and helping support our perennial flower gardens.

Thank you to all donors who included the GBG in the recent UAF Phone-a-thon, the UA Statewide Staff Campaign and our most recent Endowment Appeal:

Sue Hills & Bill Rimer, Linda J. Walsh, Joan Robson (in memory of Art Robson) , Thomas Moyer and Carrin Halffman, Marjorie Grunin. Olive and Howard Staley, Max Hoberg & Molly Manaugh, Fairbanks Watercolor Society, Janet Kidd & Jon Lindstrom, Paul Atkinson, Aimee Gossett, Gay Sheffield, Usibelli Foundation, Don Leistikow, Syun & Emiko Akasofu, Judy Weber, Victoria Hill, Fred & Sue Dean, Christine Rowinski, Lenny and Ellen Ayotte, Craig & Diane Lingle, Pat Lambert, Peggy Birkenbuel, Joan and Doug Braddock, Juliet DeLong, Roger and Sylvia Burns, Cheryl Keepers, James Levison, Douglas and Dudlee Pense, Mary & Rufus Bunch, Merritt Helfferich, Janice Morrow, Judy & Wendel Shiffler, Donna Dinsmore, Gene Salzman, Daniel and Ann Swift, Merritt Helfferich, Thomas & Nancy Hallinan, Janet Wakefield, Bill & Nella Berry, Judie & Don Triplehorn, Denise Lundquist, Sarah Keller, Stan Halvarson, Don & Carol Button, Emilie & John Zasada (in memory of Irene Peyton), Tim & Barb Cerney Foundation, Robert Drozda & Lenore Heppler, Marjorie Grunin, Laurel Herbeck, Patricia Tremaine, Barbara Greene, Monique Musick, Petro Star Inc (in memory of Ria Peep), Wallace & Susanne Williams, John & Sherry Bestard, Lisa Sporleder, Bev Byington, Judith Gottschalk, Kay Barboza, LeRoy & Margaret Wiedeman, Keith & Carolyn Hanneman, Lois & Marshall Lind, Tracy & Robert Pulido, Linda Heck, Michelle & Lamar Wood, Deb & Mark Neumayr, John & Cathy Alden, Grace J. Moore, Elrita & James Magoffin, Robert & Terry Crevensten

Thank you to Ms. Brenda Norcross for donating funds for perennial plants for our garden.

Thank you to SBS Retirement Consultants, LLC for donating funds to complete one of our perennial trial gardens

Thank you to Jeffry  and Susan Cook for donating funds to complete one of our perennial trial gardens

Thank you to UAF Summer Sessions for "passing the garden water bucket" and collecting donations at Music in the Garden

Thank you to an anonymous donor for donating titanium drill bits!

Thank you to The Greenhouse at Whitestone Farms Delta Junction, for donating annual and perennial flowers for our display gardens.

Thank you to Great Land Sports for donating bicycle wheels and rims for our great children's garden dome!

Thank you to Goldstream Sports for donating bicycle wheels and rims for our great children's garden dome!

..Your support means the world to us – Pat, Katie & Kathleen!

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